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Kill the idea that naivety is an unforgivable flaw but cynicism is just wisdom, murder it, chop it up and serve it for dinner, I don’t care, just end this bullshit idea that it’s better to hate than to love and better to rot in miserable bitter resignation than to hope for the best.

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Yes I do quite like eggs


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hey! do you like ROBOTS? i think you should draw yourself AS A ROBOT! WHOA!! everyone should! you can be a really human-looking robot or as far from human as possible, all robots are good robots!

if you tag it with #robotsona i’ll reblog it to the ROBOTSONA BLOG so everyone can see them in one place! 

so go draw some robots right now


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I feel like drawing stuff from some of my favorite webcomics. So here’s Alessa from Basin Vale by zamii070

btw you should totes start reading it here

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I wanted to draw a couple of my friends’ ponies as well as mine.

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gryffindor girls kissing slytherin girls 

gryffindor girls taking slytherin girls on adventures into the forbidden forest and getting them into situations where the slytherin cunning kicks in and gets them out alive

gryffindor girls defending their slytherin girlfriend’s w/ all their heart 

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The most I’m excited for from the new Super Smash Bros is the new Kirby hats. Also Greninja.

-my sister ladies and gentlemen

I wanted to try that champion sona thing cause that was a cute idea. and just to quote my sister “Tyranitar is the real bae”

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smachajewski replied to your post: eyyy yeeaaa more ocs

Yay more OCs! I wanna know more about this guy!

ohoho maybe someday I’ll post shit about him

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eyyy yeeaaa more ocs

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